I don’t remember growing older…


Cue music.. Sunrise, sunset etc.  It does creep up, doesn’t it?  One day you’re a happy, carefree 17 year old. Five minutes later you may still be happy and carefree, but no longer 17.

In May of this year I had my 49th birthday. It shouldn’t have been a surprise, but it was.  I’ll be 50 this time next year and although, as they say, that is better than the alternative, I am a bit taken aback.  I really cannot be that old.  When did it happen? Is this the relativity that physicists speak of?  I am convinced I’m still in my 30s but my body and everything else disagrees.


So, how do I want to celebrate my 50th birthday next year?  With a sense of doom and lost opportunities?  Or even just with grumpy resignation? Is it time to give up and sink into middle-age?  Time to prepare for retirement? No! I want to meet it with a sense of achievement in what I have already done and with excitement for what lies ahead.

Fifty is a landmark birthday and an opportunity to  bring together all the wisdom and experience I have (in theory)  garnered in the rich and varied life I have had so far.  What’s more, it is the raw material which will enable me to make the most of the next fifty years.

I think I’m beginning to convince even myself! Let’s see if I can make a good job of it over the coming year.



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