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Not fading but fighting


Last year I enjoyed watching Mary Portas’ series about revamping shops and businesses.  She’s lively to watch and it was interesting seeing how shopkeepers get us to buy things.  MP came across very well and it was nice watching a woman of a similar age to myself being in charge and having a bit of fun.

When I read that she was about to open a shop with a clothing line specifically aimed at those of us who can’t wear TopShop anymore I made a note to watch out.  In the event I watched 5 minutes of Mary Portas’ programme last night and then got bored.  But the idea behind it is great.  Women shouldn’t just fade because they’re older. We’ve got so much more to offer now.

So I am fighting not fading.  My idea is that in the time that runs up to my 50th I will undertake some challenges (some short term, some long term) to show to myself as much as anyone else that I am in the prime of life.

So what might these challenges be? I’ve done a lot of thinking about this.  Of course, I need to do the ‘lose weight, get fit’ but to be honest that doesn’t inspire me.

What does inspire me is using my bike for getting around and working up to being OK using the bike anywhere in Bath.  This is a challenge because of the hills. So that is number one.

Number two is to try a new recipe each week.  I tend to get stuck in a rut and do the same things week in week out.  I get bored.  When this happens I also tend to slip into wacking cream, butter, oil and cheese into things.  Working on new recipes could help with this!

Number three goes back to the cream butter, oil and cheese.  Having been glued to the Great British Bake Off in the last series and this series, I really need to do a lot more baking. It will save me a fortune in biscuits! I promise to post the best recipes.  I might even manage some pictures.

That’s enough for today or this blog will end up being all about me me me rather than a source of wisdo…ok it was always just going to be about me and any wisdom will have got in by accident!




Older than the average caveman


That’s what I am  – according to my nearly nine-year old son.  Apparently the average lifespan was 30 years.  So I’ve done well. That is something to be truly thankful for.   But it doesn’t sound so great, does it?

Older is rarely a compliment (unless you’re 13 and desperate to look 18) and comparison with cavemen is also a bit iffy.  What other things might be compared with a caveman?  Hairier than the average caveman?  More romantic than the average.. How about tougher than.. Now that would be a good one for a bloke.  How about more macho than … or rougher.  If you notice, I haven’t managed a feminine one yet. I suppose the bottom line is we don’t have a very positive image of cavemen.  So they are the problem, not me.

The truth is, I don’t want to be compared to anyone or anything, Older than I was this time last year will suit me fine.