Have I stepped into the ring yet?


So, how is the fight going against impending decrepitude? Have I stepped into the ring yet?

Well, I’m doing the baking.  Since watching the aforementioned Baking Show I have made a Somerset pork and apple pie, a posh cheese and potato pie, bakewell tarts, marzipan biscuits, chocolate biscuits, sticky buns and a mocha cake.  I’m going through industrial quantities of plain flour. The verdict from the family… they love it.  John has made bread with me a couple of times and the chocolate biscuits.  Miriam has also helped with the bread. Chris happily eats his way through the stuff  and just peddles a bit harder and all is fine.

This, of course, means that I have varied what I cook for tea, too.  Two birds with one stone!

Unfortunately, the enormous quantities of baked goods now in the house does not help with the ‘lose weight and get fit’ part of my fight.Must try harder on that – but I won’t write about it  – I think there are few things more boring.  Everyone else enjoys the cakes and biscuits,  then runs or cycles around madly. Meanwhile, I’m usually back at the kitchen bench baking some more. I have to admit that with regard to exercise – I am lazy. I like the idea of cycling, but haven’t really done it. Part of this is because my bike is distinctly in need of a service.  Part of it is because I can always find an excuse not to. I’ve got a lot to lose before my birthday, so I must get on with this.  I promise I will get the bike serviced before the next post. And go for a ride!

So have I stepped into the ring yet? Mm, I think I’m in trying the ‘float like a butterfly’ bit.  I need to do the ‘stings like a bee’.

Verdict: Could try harder.






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